2430 Lancaster Ave #SMART3

- Los Angeles, Los Angeles

2430 Lancaster Ave #SMART3
- Los Angeles, Los Angeles,


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    Additional Property information - RLA6163

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    5 bed, $795
    This is a Room for Rent in a Shared Apartment. It is a private bed, shared bath and common areas are shared with other tenants/housemates. Private room fully furnished with bed, bed frame, desk, chair, bookshelf, floor lamp. Common area and kitchen is shared with other roommates. Disclaimer:
    Bedding's, pillow's, bedding decor, utensils and some appliance's are NOT INCLUDED just for picture decoration purposes only!! All images used are for illustrative purposes. These and the dimensions given are illustrative for this Apartment and individual properties may differ. Feel free to contact us for more details. Molly Andrews

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    Los Angeles, Los Angeles