Renting Services

Our expert Renting services include:

- A comprehensive property appraisal, ensuring compliance
- A holistic marketing campaign from day one
- Management of all relevant checks, including employment checks and referencing
- Provision of all legal documentation, including tenancy agreement
- Inventory and Condition Report by a dedicated Property Manager


At RentLA, we pride ourselves on renting services which prioritise and balance the needs of both the tenant and the landlord. From the outset of the renting process, we will carry out an extensive property appraisal, noting down all internal descriptions whilst advising the client on all matters relating to compliance when renting. This ensures that properties meet all legal and health & safety requirements.


Once our staff have brought a client through that process, we proceed to put that property on the market within a 24-hour period. To this end, we are proud to market each and every one of our properties from day one, ensuring that they are present and viewable on all of the major property portals relevant to the Los Angeles County market. Our marketing efforts also include internal email and social media marketing campaigns.


From the onset of your experience with RentLA, we place great importance in finding the right tenant for the right property, taking care of all employment checks and referencing.


Once this process has been completed, we will produce all required legal documentation, including a tenancy agreement and related documents. Once all agreements are made, our dedicated Property Manager will be on-hand to take care of any formal handover of assets, completing a detailed Inventory and Condition Report, as well as an Inventory Images/Video. This ensures a documentary and visual representation of the official handover.

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